The Greek Dance Pandect is a data bank containing digitalized documents and information concern-ing Greek dance. The data bank is located in the server of the Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens. The project comprised the acquisition of computer hardware, the development of software, the digitalization and documentation, the issue of a DVD and the creation of a portal. It was financed by the European Union, under the program “Information Society, action 1.3”.

The database maintains the information in the language in which it was originally written and is, thus, multi-lingual, while the portal is bi-lingual in Greek and English. Digitalization and documentation, being the major sub-project, started in 2006, was finished in 2008 and will be continuously updated in the coming years. A staff of 27 and dozens of volunteers worked on it. The budget was 600,000 € of which 75% was covered by the European Fund for Regional Development and 25% by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The Theatre contributed beyond the granted budget from its own resources and continues to finance after completion.

The digitalized and filed material comprises:
a) Texts: articles, excerpts from books, scientific papers presented in congresses, poems, song lyrics
b) Static pictures: photographs, prints, works of art, postage stamps, objects, folk costumes, views, musical scores
c) Moving pictures (video): dance scenes from performances and other events, workshops, congresses, lectures
d) Music: recordings from LPs, CDs or tapes, as well as field recordings.
e) Metadata of all the above