Thursday Lectures

The “Thursday Lectures” go on for the 23rd year under the general title “Dance and culture”.
Place: Theatre Office building, in Plaka, 8 Scholiou Street (off 122 Adrianou Street).
Time: 21:00.
Attendance is free.
Information for the detailed schedule at 210 324 4395 (working days, office hours) and 210 921 2866 (School, 17:30-22:00).

Lectures are held every Thursday evening at 21:00 in the lecture room of the office building in Plaka. Seating capacity is less than 100.

Subjects cover a wide range around dance (not only Greek dance): dance music, dance costumes, ethnography, anthropology, scientific or practical approaches, presentation of various techniques etc.

Presentation is lively (not only lecturing), always including projection os photographs, video, live or recorded music, physical demonstration of dances, discussion with the audience.

Lecturers are recognized specialists on the corresponding subject.
Inhabitants of villages or islands are also invited to present their dances and folk culture. They bring home-cooked local food, wine or handicraft.
Sometimes the lecture is followed by a general dance in the yard or a dinner at a nearby taverna.

Attendance is free.

Ms. Marigoula Kristioti is in charge of planning and organizing the lectures.

More than 350 lectures have been held since 1988. For a complete list of subjects and lecturers see the corresponding Greek section.