The late Dora Stratou managed, by buying old costumes from the villages in the course of 30 years, to equip the Theater with the largest collection of its kind: over 2,000 complete traditional costumes from all regions, an important collection of folk jewelry, as well as a great number of various objects and accessories (village-made shoes, masks, swords, kerchiefs, bells etc.). Most of these costumes cannot be found to buy, nor copies made since the craftsmen and the fabrics do not exist any more.

This collection is at the same time the Theater’s wardrobe, requiring constant maintenance and security. About 1,000 costumes are worn on stage during each season. Dancers are taught how to put them on, how to tie kerchiefs in the various characteristic headdresses of each region and how to fold them properly. Wardrobe mistresses assist dancers to dress and ensure proper maintenance and storing. Some costumes are extremely heavy, others are embroidered with gold thread.