Dora Stratou Garden Theatre, Philopappou Hill

The living museum of Greek dance

OPENING NIGHT 25 May 2016 CLOSING NIGHT 25 September 2016

PERFORMANCES Wednesday through Friday 21:30; Saturday and Sunday 20:15; Monday and Tuesday closed, or performances by invited ensembles. Closed also 10-14 August 2016. Special events: 29-30 June, 1-3 July, 17-21 August & 1 September 2016. Please call to confirm.

CLASSES Any time but usually from 19:00 to 21:00, after booking. Greek dances from all regions are tought, in English, for beginners and advanced. Also private classes.

TICKETS Individuals: 15 euros, children: 5 euros, youth: 10 euros.

Travel agencies and hotels can ask for vouchers.

RESERVATIONS are not necessary, the theatre has 860 seats. To make sure there is a performance please call us. When no performance for rain or other reason there is a dance class with the same ticket.

VENUE Garden theatre on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis:

tel. 210 324 4395 (morning) and 210 921 4650 (evening)

Office building in Plaka: Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens, tel. +30 210 324 4395, fax +30 210 324 6921 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PROGRAM Program changes every second Wednesday. Performances last 90 minutes, without intermission. Company of 75 dancers, musicians and singers. Many regions of Greece presented in each performance, each village or island through its authentic dances, costumes, musical instruments and songs. Reproduction is as faithfull to the historic original as possible.

ACCESS Our garden theatre is situated opposite the Acropolis entrance, on the far side of Philopappou Hill.

On foot: From Plaka, the old town of Athens, take the pedestrian street towards St. Dimitrios Loumbardiaris and keep following the signs.

By metro: Stations "Acropolis" or "Petralona".

By bus: Take trolley bus 15 to Philopappou stop, or bus line 230 Acropolis-Zografou.

By car: Drive around Philopappou Hill, starting at the "Dionysos" restaurant opposite the Acropolis; we have a spacious parking lot.

DESCRIPTION The national Greek Dances Theatre "Dora Stratou" is unique in its kind in the world. Since 1953 it is the living museum of Greek dance. Dances, songs and music are presented in their original forms that were or are still performed in the respective villages or islands. Costumes are authentic museum pieces, handmade in villages a century ago. The company wardrobe contains 2,000 costumes from all over Greece, complete with jewelry and accessories.

Extensive field studies by a team of researchers under the direction of professor Alkis Raftis supports the fidelity of performances to the original.

The cultural and educational activities of the Theatre are financed by the Ministry of Culture, the National Tourism Organization, other government agencies and private donnors.


Dance classes in English for individuals or groups. School with 400 students. Lectures, workshops, research programs. Copies of folk costumes made to order or rented. Library, collections and archives. Publications: books, albums, postcards, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, posters etc. Close cooperation with the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO.

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