Student tourism

The Dora Stratou Dance Theater offers to students from travel agencies, in English and in other languages:

1.  Classes on Greek folk dance
All year long, in the indoor hall at Philopappou Hill or at a location of your choice, by teachers with many years’ experience. Participants receive a certificate of attendance as well as educational material. Individual or group classes.

2.  Dance and music performance at our theater
From end of May to end of September, at Philopappou Hill. Reduced price for students.

3.  Lectures or workshops
By specialists, with audiovisual material, all year round. Subjects relative to folk or ancient Greek dance, folk costumes, music, folklore etc.

4.  Visit to our costumes collection
Original Greek folk costumes from the Theater’s collection, unique in size and in wealth (about 2000 complete costumes). Lecture on costumes, their usage and their history. Class on headdresses.