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The Dora Stratou Theatre prides itself for being unique in the world in its philosophy and mode of operation. Some of its distinctive features, which are rarely found in other theatres or dance companies in the world are:

-  It is at the same time: a dance company, a music ensemble, a theatre, a school, a publishing house, a research institution, an archive, a costumes collection, and a resource center for folk dance groups
- It has a large professional dance company whose dancers are all dance teachers.
-  Its company has performed in 25 countries, to about 3 million spectators
-  Its dancers have an experience of several hundred or even several thousands of performances each.
-  Among its dancers and staff there are many who are linked with family ties. At times it has presented on stage three generations of the same family.
-  It is one of the oldest and largest theatres and dance companies in Greece, and certainly the most well-known intertnationally.
-  The Greek Post Office has issued a series of 22 postage stamps with its pictures.
-  It has received numerous tokens of recognition, such as:


World Theatre Award 1967 (First recipient)
The Academy of Athens Award 1974
Rotary Club of Athens Silver Medal 1975
Under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens