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Alkis Raftis in figures

-  Born in Athens
-  His 2 parents and 2 cousins were prominent members of the Resistance during the Nazi occupation
-  Speaks 6 languages, plus understanding of ancient Greek and Latin
-  Served for 2 years in the Greek Army Signal Corps
-  Graduated from 4 top grade universities in Athens and Paris
-  Taught in 4 universities and lectured in another 12 universities in 7 countries
-  Author of 21 books; editor of 28 books, 7 CD-ROMs and DVDs, 6 CDs
-  Editor of a 32 page colour magazine on dance: 110 issues since 1992
-  Organizer of 22 world congressess, plus hundreds of lectures, workshops, performances, festivals and other events pertaining to dance
-  President of 2 world-renowned organizations: the national Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Athens, and the International Dance Council CID in UNESCO, Paris.

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