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"Dora Stratou" Greek Dance Theater

Scholiou 8, Plaka, 10558 Athens, Greece

Sunday 17/04/2016, at 17:00-20:00

Anah Sari's Dance Workshop

The dance workshop includes:

1. Hands technique 1 (solo dance)

2. Hands technique 2 (group or circle dance)

3. Choreography (synchronized dance)

4. Armenian dances






Ms. Anah Sari

tel. +30 69 31 777 295

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it








Oriental Dance Night


10 July 2014, at 23:00


For the first time since it was founded in 1953, the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre presents a night dedicated to the art of Oriental Dance. Showcasing renown artists from Greece and abroad, this unique late-night performance renders homage to the spirit of the One thousand and One Nights, illustrating the beauty and mysticism of dances of the Middle East from a traditional approach to more contemporary interpretations.

Historical sources indicate that such dances existed also in Greek Antiquity.

Tender but intense, sensual while playful, abstract or highly expressive, Oriental dance has charmed and intrigued audiences all over the globe. Including dances with canes, fans and veils, tabla solos and even oriental fado, the 1st Oriental Dance Night of the Dora Stratou Theatre depicts the multifaceted aspects of this timeless dance tradition, taking you on a journey to the alluring East.

With the same ticket you can also watch the Dora Stratou Company performance, starting at 21:30 on the same day.








On Saturday 7th September at 20:15 the "Dora Stratou Dance Theatre" on Filopappou Hill will offer a free class on Greek dances by teachers of the Theatre, instead of the daily performance.





Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

Classes in the dance of Isadora Duncan

with Barbara Kane and Françoise Rageau

Isadora Duncan Dance Group (London/Paris)

Film installation ‘On Movement’ by Minna Haukka (Finland)


28 & 29 May 2013


Venue: Lecture Hall at Dora Stratou Theatre, office bldg, Scholiou 8, Plaka, Athens

Registration: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it tel. +30 210 324 4395







Authentic Movement Workshop

If you feel need to be, to act or to react in new or different ways

22 September 2012

In this workshop participants are encouraged to follow the insights from their bodies. The focus is on reconnecting with creative and rejuvenating sources and gaining new perspectives through movement and the embodied experience.

Authentic Movement (AM) originally initiated by Mary Starks Whitehouse is an approach which bridges different layers of the individual and collective conscious.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ozlem Lale Kaleli, a certfied AM leader trained by Professor Helen Payne in the UK.

Offered in a safe and non-judgemental setting, AM groups provide participants the  possibilities like

·        Getting in touch with different parts of their selves

·        Connecting to others at a non-judgmental state

·        Accessing the unlimited sources of the universal knowledge

In this one day workshop, participants will have the chance to learn and to experience the basic form of AM in dyads, moving eyes closed in the presence of a witness. The work will be followed by group work, where different forms of moving, reflecting, receiving as well as providing witnessing will be practiced as a group.

Suitable for those with a former experience in personal development, psychotherapy, meditation and body oriented practices.

For more information about AM and for professional inquiries please visit

All applicants are kindly requested to fill in the Registration Form provided in the site and to return via email prior the workshop.

The group will be limited to 8 participants. Operating language will be in English with a brief summary of basic principles documented in Greek.

Place : Dora Stratou Theatre Office Building 1st Floor at Scholiou 8, Plaka Athens

Schedule : 09.30 - 17. 30 with a lunchbreak between 13.00 - 14.00

Fee : 40 euros, discounted fee  25 euros for students, unemployed, members of DST, CID and GADT.

Contact : Ozlem Lale Kaleli at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 6978922128 /210 3233763

Training in the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

The Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Athens accepts trainees/interns in Cultural Management, Arts Administration, general management, international relations, dance theatre management, website design or costumes maintainance.




Baroque dance workshop
16th -18th March 2012
Dora Stratou Theatre building, Scholiou 8, Plaka, Athens
Instructor: Mr. Ingo Guenther from Berlin, expert in Historical Dance, Member of CID

La Bourée and Le Menuet
In this workshop you will work on the special technique of Baroque dance. After
an introduction to the basic steps (pas de bourée, contretemps and pas de menuet, assemblé and tems de courante)
we will have a closer look at the arm technique in the Feuillet notation system (Chorégraphie, Paris 1700).
You will get to know the basic notation symbols, enabling you to read and reconstruct dances.
Using these steps we will learn dances created at the French Court around 1700.





Auditions for dancers at the Greek Dances Theater "Dora Stratou". Successful applicants will join the theater ensemble of 75 dancers and 15 musicians.

Information: Theatre offices 210.324.4395 (mornings) and 210.921.2866 (evenings)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





The Dora Stratou Dance Theatre Company    in Istanbul for the fist time 28/10/2010

The famous national company of Greece, the Dora Stratou Theatre Company of Athens will give a special performance at the MKM Theatre in  Istanbul on 28 October 2010 at 20:30. It has been invited by the Municipality of Sariyer and the Sarıyer Section of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO.

More than 50 dancers, mucisians and costumers will travel to Istanbul for their first appearance in Turkey. They will be accompanied by about 50 friends of the Theatre (dance teachers, folklorists, journalists, historians, musicologists etc.) who usually follow the Company to provide assistance.
The program includes several islands and regions of the mainland.

Dances, costumes and music from Konya, Cappadocia, and the Aegean Coast will also be presented, as a part of the program specially developed for Istanbul spectators. The paralel features of Turkish and Greek cultures will provide a rich source  for dance teachers, choreographers as well as historians to draw comparisons.

According to the philosophy of the Dora Stratou Theatre Company, a spectacle should not be the only contact with spectators. Embroiderers of the Theatre will present a rare collection of traditional embroideries and will be there to discuss stitches with their Turkish colleagues. Dance teachers have already given workshops in Istanbul and will continue to teach  Greek dance lessons under the auspices of Sariyer Municipality. Books, CDs, DVDs and other publications of the Theatre will be on display and its specialized staff will be available for information.

A unique feature of this Company is that dances, music and costumes are treated with the highest respect as historical items; changes are never made - they are presented exactly as found in the villages and islands by scientific researchers. This is why the Dora Stratou Theatre is called  "The Living Museum of Greek Dance".





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